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On the ferry click for bigger

Here I am taking in the view from a ferry across the lake. Apparently the lake is 342 metres deep at its deepest point. I'm not quite sure how deep that is, but I think it's so deep that if I was on the bottom and you wouldn't be able to see any of me, even if I stuck my ears straight upwards! I know!

Hide! click for bigger

A ticket inspector was coming along the ferry so I had to make a quick dive into my photographer's bag. For some reason such people don't seem to understand that the honour of having me on board should be payment enough.

One, two, three, four... click for bigger

In the evening I would sometimes play cards, but for some reason the locals would get very angry with me.

Big game fisherman click for bigger

Walking by the lake was a very nice way to pass the evenings. I saw this chap fishing. His rod was about the right size, but I reckon his float was a bit big.

Spurrrrrrrf click for bigger

I nabbed my photographer's camera and then he stuck his tongue out at me. How rude!

Kicking back in the mountains click for bigger

I went on a tour of the Dolomite moutains, and on the way we stopped at a nice bar where they sold good apple strudel. Mmm, strudelicious.

Brr click for bigger

It was pretty damn chilly up there, as you can tell by my expression! Look at that nutter in the background. He's just walked/climbed all the way up from the road that you can see winding down below. Loony!

My paws are getting cold click for bigger

Like I say, the views really were astonishing. The hue of the moutain peaks as they went into the distance was wonderful.

Spot the singing nun competition click for bigger

Here's a very pretty valley we passed along our journey. I requested that the coach driver stop to allow us to take photos. It's good to keep the employees on their toes, you know.

Blim. click for bigger

Another one from the same location. It's hard to describe what it's like to see that stretching away from your feet.

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